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July 14, 2008


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thank you Robin for posting thsi. Finally someone seems to catch a very important point about FM.
I would extend it to environmental poisoning, plus.....
when you check the symptoms of Beriberi, you also will find that they match up to 70-80 % with FM. when I came accross the Beriberisymptom pages (googlesearch), I thought, FM is just the new name of a very old and forgotten lack of Vitamin B. Nobody excepts it in a world where eveything seems to be available in abundance. but be aware if you want to start taking supplemtens. Most of them are just an artifical creation of the industry and can do additional harm.
From my researches I assume, that the underlying cause of FM is a mixture of environmental posioning ( heavy metall - e.g. see under or ;
pesiticides, the exposing of Halogen Salts ( fluorine, F; chlorine, Cl; bromine, Br; iodine, I; and the astatine and may be ununseptium - see under Wikipedia: Halogens), toxic Plastics , etc. ) and a long term malnutrition that does not support people with the necessary vitamins and minerals, but is too much to die and too little to live well.

And a well functioning intestine. The intestine is the place - a big place witha surface as big as a footballfield - where the food is processed to nurish the body. If it is damages in one or the other way, how can it do its job?

For people where part fo the cause also is in the altas, either atlasprofilax or atlantotec ( or and then click on the flag with a language you are familar with) might be a good solution.
Under atlanotec I found the better and more realistic explantions and descriptions of the same than under atlasprofilax.

Hope that may help some to find better solutions for FM.

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Just a Random question to curb my curiosity......

Does your Country, State, Shire or County put a measured amount of Fluoride into its drinking water?
I am from Australia, and we as a country do.

Michael Little

Was there not a lot of press coverage in the uk about this? I for 1 oppose putting chemicals in water.


Back in 2005 I told my Dr. fluoride is bad for fibro and he laughed at me ..If I drink it my fingerss tingle and even go numb and i lose the grip i have ot hold even a cup in my hands ..I didnt know this at first but then I stayed a month at a friend's who has well water and with in 2 weeks of being there I improved so when I got home I told my Dr. ..I still live with city water but I get well water to drink as much as possible . Forget bottled water it doesnt help as it is mainly tap water anyway ..Aas for pills well they didnt heal me so I dont take any .. I try to eat a natural diet with in my budget [ low here] and yes i deal with pain on a daily basics but some days not as bad as most and I try to exercise some ..or move around ..I too do lots of research and yes used to be in contact with Taehoe but never went yet am a friend with one who went who told me about the Dr. there .She isnt good either inspite of the treatments so i am glad I never went ..Contary to what many say I have had fibro since I was a child and yes i believe it is caused from a shock to the system . Of that i have had plenty ..Yet I chose to not take meds any more seeing they dont heal but do more damage to me but that is my choice .It's cold now but in warm weather a good exercise I do is pole walking check out I made my own poles using broom handles as they have to be the right height so you dont hunch over ..Now what I like about them is they can keep you from falling too then again it is like skiing so it is fun ..On the site they sell collaspible ones , mine isnt but it works for me walking around my yard ,etc .. This exercise gives one a totaal work out and isn't sstressful ..One thing from my fibro experience is " move it or lose it" another thing is try to keep your muscles relaxed as yes with fibro they can snaap mine did in my calf back in 2000 and all I was doing was standing at the time it haappened. I thought it was a charlie horse till a yr later . So if I start to cramp I stop and massage ..One can see the difference of how it healed but ah ha the dr's dont care ! SO a la nature I went ! God Bless you all..

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