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July 16, 2008


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I too was a patient of Dr. Whitcomb and relapsed within a month of returning home from a 74 day stay in S. Lake Tahoe.
Following all after care protocols and numerous conversation with Dr. Whitcomb once returning home provided no help whatsoever. This man claims to have "the cure" but "the Cure" is only temporary at best. I have struggled with depression and sadness as a result of my pain returning after such an expensive treatment plan. After seeing numerous doctors once back home ranging from chiropractic care, atlas orthogonal, reike, deep tissue massage nothing seemed to help. Fortunately, I came upon an article on cold laser therapy and the results have been tremendous and longstanding!!! I rated myself a 0% after 4 weeks of returning from Tahoe on a pain scale. After 6 weeks of cold laser therapy, I am at a 70% recovery rate pain wise. For me it as truly been a miracle and so inexpensive. $7.00 a visit and I am now going once every 3-4 weeks and have energy, stamina and sleep restored. I will never regret my friendships in S. Lake Tahoe, however, I would urge anyone who is contemplating going to see Dr. Whitcomb to reconsider. The time and expense is not worth it. Please investigate other options that have been provided here and STAY AWAY from Dr. Whitcomb and his so called "solving the mystery". The mystery is why is he still in practice.

susan uribe

Yes I too was a patient of Whitcomb's... I too spent a minimum of $10,000.00 I did get relief from pain while at the clinic. When you prepare to leave the clinic you are given a sheet of instructions of how to stay well. Pretty much it is essential to do very little for 6 months, should you over do it YOU WILL be afflicted with your symptoms slowly returning.
I did pretty much did nothing for six months, other than walk do very light house work. Should I try to have a more normal life, my fatigue and neck pain would return. I understood that I needed to live in a very thin glass bubble.
I began to work for Whitcomb as a patient care rep. in the Anaheim office. Whitcomb wanted me to sign people up to be a patient at Tahoe. For which he would pay me $300.00 per paitnet that I signed up!!! And -- that I could really make a great income because they were going to do a huge marketing campaign - TV and all. GET IT??? I told him no that I did not want to sell (trick) people into coming to Tahoe for a short turn recovery. (my recovery was longer because I DID NO ACTIVITY) I told him my purpose for working was to help patients once they returned home, to remind them they must do very little to stay well. To be a patient outreach.
I worked for his son Eric Whitcomb calling prior patients to see how they were feeling. The few that did stay well all seemed to have my home life style. Which was I did not work and had no children at home; so it was very easy for us to do nothing. But should they be tempted to do more activity a flair up surely would visit them.
I quit after 2 weeks - I can not really say what I saw and heard at the office - but it made my stomach sick.
"It is my opinion" that Whitcomb is a master at charming very sick people out of their funds, and does not look back. BEWARE!!!

Robin Storms

I am also a former patient of Dr. Whitcomb. First of all, let me say this...BUYER BEWARE...he is a very charming man and makes everyone feel like they are special and that he really cares. It took me a long time to come to the conclusion that the only thing he cares about is his bottom line.
The first time I went to his clinic I spent two months there. I left Lake Tahoe thinking I was cured and continued to feel well for a month after returning home. That was month...then all of my symptoms returned with a vengeance. I followed his after care instructions to the letter, but was made to feel by his staff that I must have done something to make my neck "slip" which caused the relapse.
I returned for one week last December, because Dr. Whitcomb said he had a new technique that he was teaching his patients to use. With this "technique" he said his patients were staying well after returning home. What a joke. The technique is nothing more than pressing up on the occipital bone and does nothing. It was during this visit that I brought to Dr. Whitcomb's attention that just about all of my fellow patients had relapsed. I told him about one patient, a young 33 year old women, who was using a walker again because she was so sick. He told me three times during the week that he was going to call her, but never did. That just about says it all.
That second trip to his clinic was very difficult for me. I saw the hope on the faces of the patients in the waiting room that they, too, were going to be "cured". They reminded me of the wonderful group of people I spent two months with in his clinic, many of whom are now close friends. I knew that most of them, like us, had traveled a long distance to be there and were spending money they did not have. It broke my heart to know that they were being taken advantage of by a man who knows that his patients do not stay well.
With that said, Dr. Whitcomb is still advertising and traveling to promote his clinic. On a recent television program that was broadcast on a Christian television station he stated that follow up care is rarely needed. This is simply not true and he knows it.


I know for a fact that he is on the right track. Is his treatment perfect? No, but without help, support and backing, he will never be able to prove it. My wife and I went to Tahoe in March 08'. My wife was pretty much bed ridden. Is she "cured"? no, is she better? Hell yes. If you don't believe me, she is on the web page, view her video. Look and listen to her voice and the change in it. Does she feel as well as she did when she left Tahoe? Nn-but her symptoms are less severe. Instead of weeks to get over her flares it has turned into a day or two. Dr. Whitcomb and his staff are professional, understanding and caring. If I had to make a choice for her quality of life to be like before Tahoe and I knew that she had to see him everyday for the rest of her life, I would move to Tahoe tomorrow from Tennessee. Dr. Whitcomb and Dr. Bradley deserve respect, not being trashed by people who do not know what they are talking about. This disease is real! So is his "cure", he's not there yet but he is on the right track. People are told before they make the decision to make that trip, that it is NOT a cure or guarantee. It will probably save us money over time due to all of the drugs that patients don't have to take anymore. I do feel sorry for some of the patients who go home and have all of their symptoms come back. It would be tragic, because we did feel this was our last hope. From Mickey in Tennessee. My wifes name is Rhonda, look for her on the web page of the clinic.


On Nov 7, 2008 I was at the Fibromyalgia Relief Center at South Lake Tahoe when this interview took place by Dan Noyes chief investigator for ABC Channel 7 out of San Francisco, Ca. I and eight or nine other people were interview by him and not one of us was even shown in his telecast or review. Only thing that was mentioned in Dan's blog was when he visited the clinic, he believed that there were some true believers at the clinic. The patients that were in Dr. Whitcomb's office for the interview were his patiences that just came out from there adjustment's not arranged by him.As Dan stated in his interview. They gather to visit each other and support those that are not having a good day. I'm a past patient of his and doing well. Dr. Whitcomb treats Fibromyalgia without the use of drugs.

I do believe that this was not a fair and balance interview. There was only negative responses that were totally taken out of continence to make this look like Dr. Whitcomb is not there to help his patient's. I know that to be a fact that he is there just for that reason. It is really wrong that in this country you cannot pursue natural treatments without drugs, without the media and negative people whom don't believe that God has given him a gift. Money is the route of evil in this world today. God will prevail.

I have seen more people getting better and are still better after his treatments. I know that the good things were not reported to the public in this interview. I do believe that they need to do another interview. Maybe with a more fair and balanced reporter. What was so dishearting about the article is that he has discouraged those Fibro patients from coming to the clinic and seeking treatment. I believe, true believers in the Lord will over look this negative article. Along with the other people that cannot come to grips with natural treatment and no drugs.

I know that Dr. Whitcomb has given relief and a more productive life to his patient's. I failed to hear that in the broadcast. I guess you will have to judge for yourself. God will help these people whom are suffering so bad and only want there lives back. You must have a positive attitude for relief and I do know how God plays and awesome part in that. A true believer and supporter of Dr. Paul Whitcomb, Dr Dan Brady and his wife and the complete staff at the RELIEF Center. Thank you for taking the time to read this


I was at Dr. Whitcomb's center for 10 weeks. It has been 7 months since I left, 100 percent PAIN FREE. I went there with severs fibromyalgia, a severe existential tremor, dystonia, and insomnia. After the first adjustment the pain was greatly reduced, the tremor cut in half, and everything else gone. I do not support these biased attacks on Dr. Whitcomb. He does not take advantage of sick people. Once he has helped you as much as possible you gives you the tools to stay as well as you are. You have to take care of yourself for 6 months. He is not a fraud, he is not a scam. He is a kind-hearted, genuine doctor who can, has, and does help people. Also, he never uses the word "cure".


I am admittedly a very naïve person. I always hold out hope that people do not believe everything they see on the news or the internet, but unfortunately most do. I am also the biggest skeptic you will ever want to meet. My daughter, Cari, who appears on Dr. Whitcomb’s website, has been pain free and symptom free of fibromyalgia for eight months now. How did this happen? Was it through years of taking her to the “best doctors”? Taking her to UC Davis, Lucille Packard Children’s Hospital (Stanford), UCSF Medical Center (University of California San Francisco) to name a few? No, but most of these doctors I believe did their best. There was a doctor that claimed she had ADD and prescribed medication for Restless Leg Syndrome that I don’t remember seeing on any of your ireports. Was it from all the medications that were prescribed that did everything from make her physically ill to turning her into a zombie? No, but the drug companies continue to profit.
I also consider myself a relatively intelligent and pragmatic person. I am continually amazed at the gullibility of people. One of my favorite shows on TV is Penn & Teller’s Bull****. Some of these charlatans are mildly amusing while some are downright scary. Nonetheless, I can now understand the desperation of people looking for a magic pill or searching for that person that can miraculously fix their problems. I pray no one has to watch their child reduced to a spasmodic shell that is constantly writhing in pain and unable to sleep through the night because it can admittedly lead you in any direction.
We heard through a friend of a woman with severe fibromyalgia that had been confined to a wheelchair and was now walking pain free. She told us about Dr. Whitcomb and a lecture he was having in Rancho Cordova, California. I reluctantly went to see this lecture of Dr. Whitcomb’s through the insistence of my wife and daughter in December of 2007. I sat through his lecture occasionally looking around the room for the snake oil or the plate that I was sure was going to be passed around. I went to a chiropractor once with lower back spasms and wasn’t overly impressed (I think a good massage could have done as much good). After listening to his talk and wishing Penn & Teller were here to listen, he “tested” anyone who was willing to give his treatment a try. It was free and I am not one to turn down anything free. After the “test”, my daughter got off of the table and told me she didn’t have any pain. Her tremor had slowed considerably, and she was able to do some deep knee bends. After choking back some tears (it isn’t easy when the snake oil salesman that, a few minutes before, you were wondering if anyone would really be upset if you just leveled him was standing there smiling at you) we went in search of some stairs where she proceeded to walk up and down unassisted. Wait a minute; hadn’t my wife and I just started having a conversation about wheelchairs? Dr. Whitcomb told us the relief was only temporary and the fibro would return in a day or two. It did. He also said that he could help (not cure). At this point, we were taking my daughter to Stanford for treatment and had been to UCSF for further opinions. The treatments at Stanford gave us hope but it became apparent the results were precisely that – hope. Regardless of this magic that had taken place before my eyes, I insisted that my daughter continue with the Stanford treatments and if there was no improvement, we would visit Dr. Whitcomb in the summer when school was out. This seemed totally reasonable to me (I wasn’t the one in pain) however my wife and daughter rebelled and went off to South Lake Tahoe in January. In March my wife returned with this kid that looked a lot like my daughter except she had no tremor, dystonia, or pain. This little girl told me that she had attained her goal of being able to run with her dog. This transformed child (is that better than “cured”?) is now an active teenager (just had her 16th birthday) excelling in school and marching up and down fields in her high school marching band. I still catch myself looking for a tremor, a limp, a grimace of pain, but there is only laughter.
I paid this Dr. Whitcomb nearly $8000 (that included the hotel for 10 weeks) – what was I thinking? Do I feel cheated? You’ve got to be kidding, if I were magically shown a video of my daughter the way she is now back when we were going through this a year ago, I would have gladly signed away the mortgage to the house and the rights to my soul to the good doctor. I consider him now more than a trusted friend. I have recently stood with him at his lectures and told our story (without pay) and I will do it again in a courtroom or before any commission or camera. It’s the least I can do.
By the way, were those drug companies I saw advertising on your news program? And just what does the i in ireport stand for? As for Dan Noyes (what an appropriate surname), some reporters aspire to the greatness of Walter Cronkite and some to Geraldo Rivera. To your credit, I guess Geraldo has made more money.
Thank you Paul Whitcomb for giving us a family with normal problems and let me know when I can return the favor.

Nancy Sanchez

I also know that Dr. Whitcomb is on the right track. I was a patient of his from March-April of 2009.
My husband and I drove up to Tahoe for a consultation, and I vividly remember the night before and not being able to sleep due to the severe pain in my back.
It was during that visit, that Dr Whitcomb was able in one instant to take away my pain, completely for 3 1/2 hours. A miracle? to me it was, because I did not know what it was like to have no pain.
I would like to say that although I did find some things that the clinic could have improved on, but I am grateful for where I am at today.
Because of the treatment, my husband and I are serving an 18 month mission in Costa Rica. I am not 100 % well, but would say that I am 50 % better than before, and it has been a year now.
I would pay the money again to have the relief that I do now.
I can actually sit for long periods of time at a computer, and I can tolerate things I could not for 14 years.
Dr Whitcomb may not be perfect, but in my eyes, he helped to give me my life back.
Nancy Sanchez

Harlan Mittag

I am a chiropractor, not associated in any way with Dr. Whitcomb, who has been in practice for 25 years in Minneapolis, MN. I do treat patients with fibromyalgia and while not specifically trained in his approach, all chiropractors receive extensive training in adjusting and normalizing spinal alignment, biomechanics and neurological impingements, particulary in the upper cervical area at the Atlas (C1) and Axis (C2) vertebral segments. (So I feel qualified to comment here).

Certainly the upper cervical segments are important in the brain's overall communication with the entire body. Problems in this area can certainly wreck havoc in many area's of health. I have seen studies that correlate a congenitally small spinal canal in the neck with higher incidence of / risk for fibromyalgia. This suggests that releasing muscle tensions and normalizing spinal mechanics in the neck could (and from the statements made on this blog, actually do) relieve fibromyalgia. The question is always, "Does it necessarily work for everyone?" and "If it does help, for how long?".

Not everyone with fibromyalgia necessarily has it for the same reason. Fibromyalgia is called a "syndrome" because there is no unique, universal etiology or cause. We know that there are a bunch of factors associated with it, but the mix is often variable, different in every case.

I believe that Dr. Whitcomb has identified one of the causal variables in fibromyalgia, but erroneously represented it as the only cause.

Clinically I've seen patients respond favorably to nutritional therapies, detoxification, acupuncture, cold laser, chiropractic adjustments, avoidance of immune system triggers, and stress management. I don't think one thing will work for anyone.

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You've got very valuable life experience. A friend of mine also got medical help in Dr. Whitcomb's center, and he was quite satisfied with the service and level of the stuff.

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I salute Dr. Whitcomb for the continuous help of those patients who have Fibromyalgia. This is not an easy task for him.. it takes a lot of effort, money, everything that can contribute for all to be better.

Cold Laser

Many of us are suffering from different illness and diseases..I'm so glad that there could be like Dr. Whitcomb who shares his experience not only to give us information about this Fibromyalgia but for us to keep in mind that no matter what we are facing today.. we should not loose hope. There are many people who are willing to help us. There are lots of them. really!


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Anonymous Girl

I think what some of you have done to Dr. Whitcomb is disgusting. When I saw him in Tahoe ALL of the patients got better. I am in contact with them and none have gone back to the extreme levels of pain and fatigue. Dr. Whitcomb DOES care about every one of you ad despite your nasty comments he would still see you as a patient because he cares. I have battled some of the people who have gone after Dr. Whitcomb on Amazon and MySpace only to be stalked and harrassed for having my own views. I made life long friends in Tahoe that now have their lives back. A doctor is willing to fight for us and you beat him down!!! His wisdom has been shared with the world and new techniques and technologies are out there because of his research. You will all benefit from Dr. Whitcomb and never know it. He is our hero! A man who suffered as we did ad is willing to put everything he has on the line for ungrateful people. I became worn down from spreading the good news and being attacked for it. it hurts to see some of you rip his life apart... or try to anyway. My friends from Tahoe also got tired of defendng the good doctor. Negative people are tiring. Some of you don't want to get better. If you take offense to that statement, you should examine why. This breaks my heart, but great things are in store for all of us.

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