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August 27, 2008


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Lori Fleming

Unfortunately, I was also a patient at the Whitcomb clinic from March-May 2008. The first Sunday I was home, I had a severe flare and cried all day and night. I was devastated. I picked myself up and thought it's ok, the treatment worked, that was just a fluke. However, just like everyone has said at this post, if I did any, any activity a flare was sure to follow. I did not/could not believe that this compassionate man as well as Dr.Brady and his staff know exactly what is happening,and they are still preying on all of us sick people who are desperate. All I did was use my retirement money to stay in a run-down hotel (away from my family) hoping/praying that this was finally the answer. That I would have a life again!!! I will never never regret the wonderful friends I made there but I am so saddened that we have all been abused by this clinic. Once the reality hits you, you are devastated/embarrassed, you don't know what to tell your family, because they as well as you had put their hopes in this treatment. My pain is now back just like before, and I'm trying to figure out what I'm going to do next. No wander everyone thinks we "the fibro's" are all crazy. I would, too, If it was someone else. But it's not someone else, it's me/it's us. We have got to stick together, support one another (because no one else understands) and jacque) It makes me so mad everytime I research fibro, their site pops up. How heartbreaking!!! That others will fall prey to this scam unless we can stop them or get the word out.

Denise Newman @ Fibromyalgia Remedies

I have been reading more about this clinic, and I am so glad that I found this site.
Thanks to all of you for being honest, and open and saving others time, money and heartache while searching for a cure for this chronic and painful disease.



I recently attended a free seminar on Fibromyalgia and Neurological Symptoms. The Dr. was explaining the "Whitcomb Technique" and actually performed it on me in front of a classroom full of adults with Fibro. The pain was immediately gone from my neck just as described as Dr. Whitcomb has written and the video I saw with the woman who stutters and can't say certain letters illustrates. I was actually shown a PowerPoint show of statitics, very upsetting information, and short video of the before and after. I signed up for a free checkup to see if I "qualify to be in this exciting study" which of course I did. I was then told I would have to pay $45 per treatment, have at least 4 treatments in a week and sometimes multiple treatments in a day, and I could not give up for at least 4 weeks. I was told it would help if I gave up my massage therapy and any other thing that I do to treat the pain. I was given a financial credit application of some Care Co. so that I can make payments since my health insurance won't cover his treatments. Thank goodness bells were going off in my head about why am I hearing the words study, lucky enough, investigational, etc. so much and if it was so great why is it not being offered at low or no cost or like other studies you are paid to participate if you meet the qualifications??? I will not be going to Dr. Pyne in Easton, Massachusetts, so that I can be ripped off only to feel bad again once the 1-2 months of treatments are over. Thank you all for your comments.


I am considering a similar treatment by a doctor named Gene Martin in San Mateo, California. Has anyone had any experience with him?

Mark Patson

I tried the Dr Max Powers HGH Spray -

I have fibromyalgia and went to a lecture at the Oregon Health Sciences University to learn the latest research. They had studied people with FMS when they were exercising & discovered that unlike normal people, FMS sufferers do not show increases in Human Growth Hormone levels when they exercise. This is why exercise is so difficult & exhausting for us.

They discovered that large doses of HGH virtually cured this condition. But the necessary dosage would cost about $800/mo. After the lecture I foundthe Dr Max Powers HGH Sprat at my local natural foods store and, although the dosage is far less than any prescription, I thought I would give it a try.

It took about 4 weeks to start noticing a difference, but then there was substantial improvement. My pain levels are not affected by this dosage, but my energy levels are up dramatically. I am now able to do yoga daily, which does decrease my pain level, and to do cardio workouts 2-3 times a week. Exercise is one of the best treatments for FMS. I have been using this product for 2 years now, including a 4-month break from it to make sure it was still making a difference.

A friend of mine researched the Dr Max HGH Spray formula in this product after discovering that HGH is not legally available w/o prescription - and this does seem to be working for me.


Hi my name is scarlet pittman,I was a paitient of dr.whitcombs back in Dec 2007-Feb 2008 i was very sick while i was there nd yes did get worse when i got home i really thought i was going to die the pain was beyond words and i ended up not being able to eat much more than celery. I had given up mentally then emotionally and it took its tole that then my body began to shut down. BUT then i found out about the toxins in my body, i went from pain to living again ,from 192lbs to 133lbs i feel wonderful and have had no symptoms since aug -2008.
yes it is easy to be angry as i was to ,from the money spent to the no symptom releif but just as chemo and radiation doesnt work for all cancer patients i guess this doesnt either. My heart goes out to everyone that is still suffering every moment of the day and i am saddened at the whole situation, but i do beleive that dr.whitcombs approach to this was to truly help others because he believed it helped himself and wanted to return to the world the releif it brought him.
i have also after having to take matters in my own hands come to understand that our bodies get sick because our systems are acidic and not alkaline.
all i can do is offer to everyone what helped me and hopefully it may help you also.
avatar testing for toxic releif- i found that when i was tested for this that i had murcury poisoning in 7 of my organs and when i detoxed the metals from my body my symptoms left.I also now try and eat a more alkaline diet to keep my system balanced .
if you feel that my story can help you , you culd try and investigate it on your own the things i have done ...
and always remember to release the anger you have inside and offer forgiveness as there is freedom emotionally, mentally, and physically.
i do not claim this will help you also but its worth a try !
lots of love to everyone that suffers from this invisable crippling ....
scarlet pittman

Darden Burns

Hi Scarlet,

Thanks for commenting on my blog. When I started my blog I had 2 goals. First to let people know the other side of the Whitcomb story before they made a big investment of time and money to go to Tahoe. And second to be a positive vehicle to share information about treatments that are helpful. The Whitcomb chapter of my health search is long over. Fortunately I have discovered treatments that are facilitating my own recovery. Did you check out the opening post of the blog and other posts? Each one of us is individual but I truly believe that we can all recover. The trick is finding the treatment or combination of treatments that work for each of us. I am happy to hear about your recovery!! Could you send me more information about your treatment protocol and specifics that might be helpful for others?

Best wishes, Darden

Susan Aaron-Smith

I was treated by Dr.Whitcomb in 2007 and was in the office for 9 weeks. When I first learned of this treatment, I was bedridden for 20 years. all the typical symptoms of Fibromyalgia and I was told that there was nothing to do but live with it. Three years later, I'm still fine and am working and leading a normal life. Perhaps not everybody responds but I sure did and am forever greatful. He literally gave me my life back.

Betty Treadway

I ,too was treated by Dr. Whitcomb in May of 2007. When I got home, it was about 4 weeks and then the pain in my neck and shoulders was unbearable. It wasn't until I had extensive blood work done at the Dallas Fibromyalgia and Fatigue Center when they found Epsteins Barr, HHV2 and 6 Camydia and some hormone imbalances. But their treatment (many expensive supplements) wasn't quite cutting it.So I went back to another Dr. that I had tried a few yrs. before. I should have not given up with his protocol so quickly. His name is Dr.Brice Vicery. He's called the "Protein Dr." He has a patented Amino Acid product among other supplements that work to rid these viruses. I had West Nile virus (from the nasty mosquitos in Texas), I had Osteoporosis, Epstein Barr and even a uterine tumor. They are all gone. I've been with him a yr. now and am almost pain free.The appointments are free via telephone but the supps can be pricey.He tests by Kinesiology over the phone!He is an expert at it I assure you. Website: Darden! I remember you, you were in my group and played the piano beautifully!

Angela K

It seems this torch is now being carried on by a new person, Dr. Gene Martin who has a facebook page called No More Fibromyalgia. I asked the chiropractor some questions on their fb wall yesterday (for public viewing) and said the doctor's claim of knowing what caused fibro sounded very similar to the Whitcomb Technique. I then asked what exactly he did in treatments for $8,000-$10,000! I was blocked from their page and all my posts were deleted.

Abram Ingram

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Fibromyalgia attacked my body more than 10 years ago after knee surgery. I was in a wheelchair for about six months, and I used a cane for another six months. I did not even know how to walk anymore. I fought the fibromyalgia with a lot of pain pills and tears. I was on so many medications that it damaged my stomach lining. Learning to break the cycle wasn't easy because it was painful. It caused tiredness and depression. To this day, I am no longer on meds, and I live a new life with a new career. I have no more depression. It tries to creep in, but I fight it off through prayer. I have bowel problems, this pain that pain, etc., etc., etc. I find that when I help others and talk about it, it brings hope to others. Learning to stop the cycle is a battle. But there is hope.

Lindsay Lohnn

louise d.

I need information about Dr. Gene Martin.
Has anyone had (or heard of) a negative experience with him? I don't know if I understand his treatment and do not want to spend the time, money or go chasing after the wrong treatment.
I am in too much pain.
Thank you, Louise d.

chiropractor drummoyne

I hope they can find a fast remedy for this.


Be smart and beware of snake oil salesmen...profit rules the roost...if there were a cure we'd all hear about it...research snake oil and the placebo effect...


I, too, am curious about any information anyone has about Dr. Gene Martin in San Mateo, CA. Has anyone been to see him or have info about his techniques? I am concerned that he uses the same or similar practices to Dr. Whitcomb. Thank you so much...

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