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August 31, 2008


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I left Dr. Whitcomb's clinic 7 months ago, 100% better. I had had FM for 10 years, and had developed a tremor and dystonia. I followed all the rules for 6 months and I am still completely well. I know I am not crazy- I have had FM symptoms since I was 4. Dr. Whitcomb and the clinic are the best doctor I have ever seen (and I saw over 10)!

Darden Burns

Thanks for your response to my blog.
You are definitely one of the lucky ones to have responded so well to Dr. Whitcomb's treatments and to have stayed well after 7 months - this is very unusual but not unheard of. I know of 3 people who have stayed well although not "100%". This is out of 50 people I have stayed in contact with. I do not think your success can be attributed to "following all the rules" because most of the other patients who relapsed followed the instructions as well and did follow up care with local chiropractors who were in contact with Dr. Whitcomb. What I suspect is that there is more than one condition that is being diagnosed as fibromyalgia - that the underlying cause is different for different individuals. You are fortunate that your fibro was caused by the form of upper spinal cervical stenosis that Whitcomb can treat.
The point of my blog is to let people know before they invest the time and money into going to Tahoe that the vast majority of people that go there do not maintain the benefits. This is something that Whitcomb is in denial about. I think psychologically it is too difficult for him to face so he only looks at the positive outcomes but this is still a form of dishonesty. Patients need to be aware of the statistical chances that they will recovery with his method and not blame themselves that they did something wrong when their symptoms return.
I wish you well.

Elfa Martinez

If you are suffering from any joint pain or fibromyalgia and are planning to go to S. Lake Tahoe to see Dr. Paul Whitcomb, don't. There is a more safe and less expensive procedure and is done in only 30 minutes. The cost of the procedure is only $250.00. Once the procedure is done you can go back to doing your normal activities. There are no restrictions like the ones specified by Dr. Whitcomb. Find someone near you that can perform this procedure. I am thankful that I found someone in Santa Fe, NM. I am back to normal and with no more pain. EM


Well, Elfa, what is it! Please give more details!!!

Ruth Siegel

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I was contacted by a SALES ASSOCIATE from (Whitcomb's site) after my my email inquiry to the Whitcomb Clinic during a late night web search. Of course, it sounded too good to be true...and too expensive! In addition to the $3,500+ per month, I would have had to close my business, which would have resulted in further financial loss! I started investigating this clinic and its claims thoroughly and found the information on to be invaluable.

Elfa Martinez's posting led me to the Atlas Profilax site:, which in turn led me to Christine Bemish, the closest practitioner to me in Maryland. (Thank you, Universe!)

Christine called me in response to my email and phone inquiry that I made at the beginning of the week. She was so compassionate and knowledgeable when she called me at home. Christine is a Master and Diplomate of Acupuncture/ Oriental Medicine. Her centers Acupuncture and Health Clinic, are located in Montpelier, Vermont and Easthampton Massachusetts.

Luckily, Christine will be in W. Reading PA at a W. Reading PA clinic, Zenergy Arts and Wellness Center (, this weekend (March 14th, 2009).

Christine Bemish is an acupuncturist and atlas profilax practitioner with practices in both MA and VT (, tel.: 413-527-2306). Along with being kind and loving on the phone, Christine has a long list of well-recognized credentials. She is a registered nurse, with a Bachelor of Science in Nursing, twenty years of clinical experience and a current Vermont R.N. license. Her impressive credentials follow: She is trained in TuiNa massage and Cranio-Sacral massage therapy as well as other massage techniques which she uses in her atlas work. Christine obtained her four-year Oriental Medicine program in 1998 at the International Institute of Chinese Medicine in Santa Fe, New Mexico and a work/study internship in Chengdu, China.

Another practitioner, Beverly Welbourne, in Blue Ash OH (near Cincinnati) also replied to my email. She signed her email, Love, Beverly. How loving and sweet! Her name is Beverly Welbourne in Blue Ash OH, near Cincinnati. The name of her center is Het Heret Transformation Resources, (513) 489-9777.

At $250 for a session and a follow-up, I feel blessed that I checked Whitcomb out thoroughly and found Fibro Friends and a number of separate postings on the internet. I am crossing my fingers and leave this morning for a weekend birthday excursion to West Reading PA!

I am looking forward less pain, fewer headaches and more energy! Go to for information and a practitioner near you.

P.S.--I am in no way connected to any of these businesses or organizations. I have included a small portion of my internet research to help those who are too sick to do extensive research and may fall for Whitcomb’s scam practice out of desperation.

Regards--Ruth Siegel, Silver Spring MD

Ruth Siegel

Take out commas after site to get correct link. Sorry for the error, guys!

Ruth Siegel, Silver Spring MD

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Blaine  Sanders

My daughter was seen by Dr. Whitcomb in late 2004. Her pain was so bad that she was basically bed ridden. She was a former college athlete. She spent two and one half months getting treatment To this day she is still pain and symptom free. God Bless you Dr. Whitcomb. Blaine Sanders in Magnolia, TX

frontline plus

hi ... this blog about "Paul Whitcomb - Friend or Foe?" I find it very interesting .. I am very interested in this subject because I have to submit a report on this in college. The part that catches my attention is "One of the side effects of this method is that patients usually develop strained ligaments and muscles in the neck and develop neck pain. Since Whitcomb advises his patients not to have anyone touch or massage the neck the neck pain often persists for months." thanks for the information.

Allison Blatherton

Thank you for posting this story. As a FM sufferer, I like to read about the ups and downs of others inflicted. While overall this news is distressing, it's always comforting to know others out there are going through what I am.

jordan 7

Well one thing didn't change, I am still not so much of a English writer.

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Well done here! I certainly love your article because it imparts information that everyone must know. I'm happy I've come to know this fact. Thanks! :)


Your expert source, a rolfing therapist thinks fibromyalgia is caused by tight fascia? And, this is the same person that thinks she know what doctors do to diagnose patients. Here's a tip, massage therapists aren't licensed to examine or diagnose patients.

Time to find a new expert?

יעוץ זוגי

I think it's unfair to publish only positive testimonials on their site. Another clue was a baby, a patient in the clinic while I was there for her third time.

Darden Burns

Unfortunately very few physicians understand or are able to diagnose fibromyalgia. Sometimes practitioners like massage therapists who work closely with patients have some valuable insights. To learn more about fibromyalgia research and effective treatments read my post "Fibromyalgia - A Perspective on Muscle Dysfunction and Effective Treatments".

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I like the writing structure of your blog and it does a pretty decent job of presenting the material.

Seattle Chiropractors

i like the idea of the story. its intriguing and you can't stop reading it.

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I also know several patients whose marriage has been under considerable stress because of being separated for months and then adjust to life at home with their spouse.

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It's so nice to have you do all of the research for us. It makes our decision making so much easier!! Thanks.

Willie Marrin

you are so great! I love reading your reserches.

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