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October 09, 2008


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Elfa Martinez

Dear Susan,
How can I add my story to this website? I had the Atlas Profilax procedure and would like to tell fibro people to get it done instead of going to Dr. Whitcomb. I went to Dr. Whitcomb and the procedure didn't work. Once I arrived home everything went haywire. Thanks for your help. Elfa


My atlas profilax treatment didn't last ... unfortunately. I don't know if they should advertise it as "permanent". Mine was out within a week as all symptoms gradually reappeared. Gotta travel if I want it done again... and then how long will it last?? Hmmm. May have to rethink this.


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un saludo y que no os engañen


You can visit this web for more information:

Darden Burns

The authors of this website are not identified other than "a group of patients and doctors". I am not in a position to evaluate the technicalities of upper cervical spinal adjustments and alignment however I know that Atlas Profilax is very safe, gentle and noninvasive. It is not helpful for everyone but I know of no one who has been harmed from this treatment.

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Fibromyalgia patients?
I am currently suffering from fibromyalgia. It is horrible and i cant go through one day without it. I was wondering if tanning has helped anyone to relieve the pain. I am not interested in people saying that tanning is bad for you. I need relief and i need to know if this has helped anyone?


I was greatly helped by Atlas Profilax. I count it as one of the best things I ever did in my life! I saw Lon Lynch in Georgia for my treatment.

I celebrate May 1st every year, since that was the day my horrendous suffering ended. I have fibro,probably CFS, but I also have congenital stenosis of my spine. Neurosurgeon couldn't do anything for me until my hands go numb or something. I could not bend over to get my pots and pans in the kitchen without blinding pain in my forehead and a terrible squeezing sensation. I had to give up the computer completely since any sitting at attention brought pain. I was sleeping in a cervical collar! I was terrified of driving over a bump, and did not sneeze or cough ... All of this misery for a year and a half!!!!

I found Atlas Profilax on a fibro group in the 'what worked for me' section, and I brought my MRI's to my visit because I was so nervous. I could NOT believe that something so simple could work so well. still can't! I sent my husband too, as a 'control subject'. Well, he's had sciatica since I've known him....but not any more! How about that! ( and he really didn't want to go and said it hurt and complained he didn't think it would help anything). He now admits his sciatica is totally gone. For the record, I think it may be slightly more discomfort for men than women to get this done.

This was back in 2007, I haven't been back for any re-treatments. I just KNOW my atlas joint is sitting correctly and differently than it ever was before. I would say that one of the other very definite improvements was the pain in my neck and shoulders that I had for decades is gone. I used to have a sensation of ropey stiff muscles from my neck down to my shoulder blades and no amount of massage could help... That is all GONE GONE GONE.

I did start seeing a chiropractor again a couple years ago, ( with instructions not to touch my atlas! But they really don't do that anyways)and that is helping with the rest of my spine. At least it stopped my knee from popping out of joint.

Funny how some things have these profound and interesting effects and other things don't. Your mileage may vary and the practitioner is important I think.

I know next May 1st I will be sending Mr. Lynch a gift or something, for this long lasting reprieve from that unbearable suffering!

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