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July 04, 2009


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Jerbi omkhir

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Jennifer West


My mom had already reached menopausal stage. She's taking bioidentical hormones for menopause to ease such symptoms of menopause. I think it is really effective because my mom is so active, strong, and healthy.


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Hmmm. Read your experiences with Kangen water. I certainly won't argue with the experience you had, but I find the conclusions you draw shaky. I have had CFS for over ten years now and have been drinking the ionized water for a month. While I'm certainly not cured (yet!), I can definitely report that my digestion is improved. In fact, I had the opposite experience from yours: my stools had been loose for years and became firmer, darker, and the undigested bits of food I had seen for years are gone. Clearly, you cannot safely assume a. that all CFS/FM patients have low stomach acid and/or b. that the water's impact on your digestive system is generalizable to other CFS/FM patients. In any case, I wanted to make this comment so that others didn't rush to judgment about ionized water based on your post. I think people need to try these things for themselves until there are sufficient studies to provide some reliable guidance based on larger populations with controls.

Thanks, David

Darden Burns

Thanks for you comment. I am glad to hear that the Kangen water is helpful for your situation. I was careful to preference my "What Didn't Work" post with the following statement: "It is important to note that this summary reflects my own personal experience and that the therapies may have different outcomes for other." Many people with CFS including myself have low stomach acid but I realize that this may not be the case for everyone so I edited my paragraph on this a bit. It is interesting that the symptoms caused by too much or too little stomach acid can be similar. In each case the gastrointestinal track is out of balance and is vulnerable to various pathogens. Recently I have been doing research on Helicobacter pylori which according to several diagnostic tests is a problem for me. Although overgrowth of this bacteria is commonly associated with too acidic an environment, it also becomes problematic for persons with low stomach acid.

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Anthony Park

There are health practitioners who are pushing that drinking alkaline water and proved that there are benefits we can get out of it. We all know that the alkaline water is produced by a machine and this is indeed of great help for us to have a healthy body.


I was looking for something else on the Internet when I stumbled upon this website and though I haven't read it thoroughly, I am amazed by the fact that I no one has mentioned what my Naturopath told me about Fibromyalgia. She said it's from an extreme overgrowth of yeast which builds up in the muscles and around the joints. I have been cured of it twice, once when it was so severe I could barely walk when I did get out of bed and the 2nd time was less severe because I was able to recognize the symptoms quicker. I have a Chinese doctor that concurs, they treat the conditions a little different but the end result is the same. That much yeast overgrowth in the body then causes problems throughout the rest of the system (not just the muscles). She gives me this cool shot (apparently from Germany), these suppositories I use for a week and I am a normal person again. The 1st time was so severe I had to do the treatment twice in a row but, 3 years later, I'm fine. I work primarily with my Chinese doctor now because when I do get sick I can't take antibiotics or I'm in that boat again. For those that don't know the difference, Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture are 2 different things. Traditional Chinese Medicine uses custom herb formulas to treat EVERYTHING. Acupuncture is designed to treat pain and other issues that can be addressed through nerve points. Even my Chinese doctor (whose wife is an acupuncturist) agrees that CFS and Fibro are not helped in the least bit by acupuncture. Traditional Chinese Medicine is not covered by insurance but, 110 times better for you than anything insurance would pay for. For anyone out there looking for Traditional Chinese Medicine doctors, don't be fooled by Chiropractors who are only offering acupuncture. If you walk in and they don't have their walls lined with boxes of dried herbs (and I mean 100's), they are not true Traditional Chinese Medicine doctors. Good luck to all.

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