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October 30, 2009


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is helpful to be able to know about these issues that are important in everyday life for many of us

Evelyn Dybowski

I am wondering if you are able to file a class action based on this conviction? You may be able to recover some of your money.

Darden Burns

I looked into the class action idea and decided not to pursue this. I would rather concentrate my energies on moving forward and helping people learn about treatments that are really beneficial. The Paul Whitcomb chapter was just one of a long list of things and experiences that were not helpful. Yes, Whitcomb deceived his patients on the long term success of his treatments. But fortunately due to the efforts of people like myself and the CA chiropractic board, his game was exposed. That is enough for me. Water under the bridge.
Since I left Whitcomb's clinic almost 4 years ago, my health has been on a steady path of improvement due to some cutting edge therapies that address the real issues that contribute to FMS. I have dedicated my blog to sharing this information with others. Be sure to check out my opening post where I summarized healing strategies.


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