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February 07, 2010


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I'm curious who this person with fibromyalgia that wrote the article about Oral System Balance on 7/15/2008. I too have fibromyalgia as well as osteoarthritis and am attempting the OSB system. So far it has been a very painful experience without any relief at all.

Darden Burns

I am the author of the Fibro Friends blog and wrote the article on OSB. The few posts that are not written by me have the person's name listed. If you look closely at the blog and read other posts this should be fairly obvious.
How long have you been doing OSB and who is your dentist? What kind of appliances do you have so far? OSB is a process that takes time and a lot of patience. I think that most people who stick with it get good results but fibromyalgia patients are some of the most difficult to treat. I've been in treatment now for a year and a half and am still making progress with the appliances. I am more and more convinced that this is the best way to address CFS/FMS.

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Thanks for finally writing about >Oral Systemic Balance (Fibro Friends)

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