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August 19, 2010


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Rich Hudon

I'm one of those males who was fluoride poisoned around 1989 without knowing it with 3 successively more potent doses of antibiotics with a fluoride bio-activator in them. It seemed to have cured whatever was ailing me at the time, but little did I know that he cure would become worse than whatever had made me sick in the first place. Before discovering one "silver-bullet" that started my slow road to recovery, for 5 years I had been searching the internet and buying one natural product after another that promised some relief from the arthritic pain I was suffering for over 17 years. Its name: Vital-3 from Bronson Labs. In March 2009 I was taking 500 mg of morphine a day plus 3 other pain management drugs and over a dozen more for opportunistic illnesses that had developed that were making the pharmaceutical companies rich with my suffering. I have tried to identify and eliminate the ingestion of every possible source of fluoride substances possible. I now avoid all foods cooked with fluoridated water, eat no processed foods and drink no reconstituted beverages. I have been drinking distilled water since 2003 and cooking with it for the past year. I have even been able to exercise a bit to make me stronger with a minimum of pain flare-ups. My weight had gone up to 230 pounds until March 2009 and I now (April 2011) weigh only 174 pounds. What a relief. I still have a ways to go, but at least I do not feel as sick as I used to feel. I have also changed my nutrition and removed most sugar products from my diet.

Thanks for this information. I hope this contribution helps someone. For more information on the fluoride battle raging in Canada's Capital City, see

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You shed light to us. You gave us hope.

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