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August 09, 2010


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I would first like to credit you on your phenomenal job with all of your blog posts. You are a great writer with the insight and personal experience to really make a difference. Every one who views your articles should feel truly blessed that you have taken your hard earned knowledge and have provided it here for all of us to learn and benefit from.

Through my own experiences with naturopathic medicine I have found much of what you've written to be consistent and very much on point. I've been to local Adrenal and Thyroid specialist, traditional ND's, non traditional ND's, Fibro and Fatigue Centers, and various others who take the alternative or naturopathic approach.

I would first like to state that the naturopathic approach should be implemented as a standard of first measures in preventative medicine, vs to an "alternative" title in which it is most famous for. People often seek this naturopathic approach once the allopathic field has failed them. I however believe that people with FMS or CFS have gone under the radar for so long that it is virtually impossible to revive them through ND medicine alone. We enter into a phase in which we are still chasing "symptom trails", rather than the actual causes. For some people if you actually correct the symptom through ND medicine instead of masking it through drugs, they do get well. Although it can be helpful to address various imbalances in the body I have found for me that it is not the end of the road.

I have learned a wealth of information through undergoing naturopathic therapies and have found that one of the keys to successful treatment is self education and being proactive in ones own personal health regime. This approach teaches empowerment and personal attestment to the complexitys of ones own health state. It teaches that the patient is essentially the best Doctor while owning the power in knowledge of self. This area of medicine actually encourages personal exploration as opposed to handing ones life over to a total stranger and leaving it up to them. Naturopathic approach promotes body awareness and the essential foundations of keeping ourselves in good health.

I can say that although the array of methods that were available to me weren't successful in treating FMS and CFS, I became an informed and educated person in which have provided me with the skills to take charge of my health in so many different areas. I have learned to extract lessons out of each experience and be grateful for that.

There are two key statements that stood out to me in your post. "If nothing else pursuing these therapies gave me hope. Not trying something was for me equivalent to giving up." And, The naturopathic folks and the mavericks on the the edge of medicine had the most chance of helping because they paid attention to the clues." Anybody reading this post will most likely experience this with their ND. It is extremely helpful to have an advocate that can present a totally different health model in which for many will be life altering.
Naturopathic Doctors are good at providing insight into various conditions that you would never have gotten with an allopathic physician. They are extremely helpful in working with you to teach and educate important lifestyle modifications and health advice. While I have not found my experiences with them to be a cure, it has be an enlightening and helpful journey.

I have found the greatest improvement with FMS and CFS was in undergoing OSB (Oral Systemic Balance) and LENS (Low Energy Neurofeedback System). Since experiencing these therapies I have gained a new found quality of life that would have never dreamed possible before. I continue to see improved results with each waking day and would encourage any body reading this post to seriously consider looking into these break through therapies.

Darden, I would encourage you to remain sound in your advancements by continuing to produce this invaluable information to people who truly need it. Every time I view your articles I take myself back to a time before meeting you. Each time I smile in thinking that had this information been hand written from an experienced person years ago for me to read I would not only have a new friend in walking this journey but a clarified perspective and a solid path to hope.

I think of all the people whom are not only suffering with the conditions of CFS & FMS, but the added confusion and battle for clean information that they are neglected of. It is a discouraging and complicated terrain to navigate alone. It is not an easy task in being forced to question against the very Doctors, friends and family members that they have once entrusted their lives with. This blog is not for everybody. It is for those who are seekers and believers. It is for those whom are not willing to accept a defeated fate in which they have been told. You are making a difference! I am forever grateful for that =).

Annie Gourieux

Where does one find a naturopathic doctor? Thank you

Darden Burns

You can locate a naturopathic physician by going to The licensing of naturopathic physicians is done by state. The following states have licensed naturopaths: Alaska, Arizona, California, Connecticut, District of Columbia, Hawaii, Idaho, Kansas, Maine, Minnesota,*Montana, New Hampshire, Oregon, Utah, Vermont, Washington. There are many medical or "holistic" doctors that basically practice naturopathic medicine as well utilizing, diet, lifestyle, exercise, nutritional supplements, herbs and other alternative treatments.

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naturopathic physician is one of the good option because whatever treatment u have taken such physician that is natural
and it does not have side effects. so always go for naturopath
u will get bit late affect but that will be without side effect.

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Herbal or natural treatments are the best treatment for all types of medical problems. Naturopathy treatment is very well known form of herbal treatment, it is truly a great treatment for CFS and FMS. Nice article has some very useful information.


Nice to find you and be able to ask a question or two. I have been dealing with adrenal fatigue I believe for many years, like 25. I have had no success with MD's at all.
I'm very exhausted and need to find an ND that really knows their stuff. I am in the greater N Seattle area.
I'm wondering if you know of any ND's you'd recommend, and if you have ever heard f Dr Jangaard on Whidbey and his work. I have an appt scheduled for May, his first date available. But I don't think I can wait this long.

Thank you for any suggestions in advance.


I'm glad i came across your blog. Quite useful to know the various natural treatments. I prefer taking up natural medicines rather than the other stuffs. Beccause they dont have much side effects comparitively. Only problem is i cant locate one naturopathic doc nearby.

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It's good to know that these disorders can be treated with naturopathic medicine. Thanks for the info.

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I like naturopathy. because it will take more time but results are constant.

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