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November 06, 2010


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Nice work..


I've heard a lot about detoxicaton and the benefits of it. But using mud and clay for detoxification is really new to me. They also seem to be interesting. Thanks for sharing the various details.


This is some reliable material. It took me some time to unearth this web page but it was worth the time. I noticed this page was hidden in yahoo and not the first spot. This website has a lot of good quality stuff and it doesn’t deserve to be burried in the search engines like that. By the way I am going to add this web publication to my favorites.

Account Deleted

Mud therapy is extensively applied due to its multiple health benefits. The nature cure therapists make use of mud therapy to treat many diseases in the body including wounds, boils, bruises and several other diseases.


Can someone please explain to me how you can mudpack your genital area and then go outside to sit in a chair privately? Are you then putting on underwater to hold the mud and then some clothes so you are not exposing yourself to your neighbors? How do you do this in the winter?

Darden Burns

The mud packs are applied to the treatment areas with the fingers and adhere to the skin, sort of like a a layer of thick make-up. You can put clothing over the treatment area before going outside and do the whole treatment inside.


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I found your website the other day and after reading a handful of posts, thought I would say thank you for all the great content. Keep it coming! I will try to stop by here more often.

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