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March 01, 2011


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Candia Smith

This is very well written and descriptive of many complex processes. Your blog is a generous contribution.

Resource allocation model explains so much about why some people just don't have the energy to heal. Promoting flexibility and providing supportive energetic freqeuncies can allow the brain to use its own wisdom for repair.


This is some reliable material. It took me some time to unearth this web page but it was worth the time. I noticed this page was hidden in yahoo and not the first spot. This website has a lot of good quality stuff and it doesn’t deserve to be burried in the search engines like that. By the way I am going to add this web publication to my favorites.

north shore chiropractic

Very essential information. Thanks for sharing!


Hi, I'm absolutely loving your posts - your experiences, knowledge ... and tenacity!
I'd like to follow your blog but when i click on the Subscribe link it gives me a page with all sorts of rubbish on it. Is this a TypePad problem? I'd love to be notified of your next post you see :)
Thank you for sharing your journey!

Darden Burns

I'm not sure why you are having trouble with the Subscribe link. When I click it I get my most recent posts. The last post I wrote on May 27 was "Fibromyalgia - A Syndrome of Variations". Its second from the top of my blog. Thanks for your positive response.

Elene Gusch, DOM

This is fascinating; thank you for the material on PEMF, LENS, etc. I'm glad you've found some modalities that help you. However, the "putative" energy fields have been scientifically measured many times. The work of Valerie Hunt, for example, goes back decades. Qi is not just theoretical, far from it. A great source of information about this is "Energy Medicine: The Scientific Basis" by James L. Oschman.

Elene Gusch, DOM
Doctor of Oriental Medicine

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