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May 06, 2011


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Lifemax Corp Team


This is a great blog and must be such a helpful resource for those suffering from fibromyalgia. Thank you for the mention of Mila and Lifemax--we appreciate you helping to spread the word about The Miracle Seed!

Lifemax Corporate Team

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I agree with you. A good diet must be in the first place

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Breathing right could be a solution for many a disease.Followed by Yoga a very old science to take care and cure the body and the mind works very well for me.

Darden Burns

I practiced yoga for over ten years while I had chronic fatigue. It was very beneficial for my mind and body and kept me in great shape physically. My health condition however became increasingly difficult to manage and eventually I developed fibromaylgia so I was unable to continue my yoga practice except for Pranayama (breathing exercises). I was diagnosed with an obstructive breathing problem that resolved with Oral Systemic Balance - a treatment that uses oral appliances that in my case moved my lower jaw and tongue forward so that I get more air. I know that impaired breathing was the underlying source of the stress on my system and that no amount of breathing techniques and yoga could successfully change this. My recovery has required additional therapies as well but the breathing component was key.

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A list of common repetitive strain injury categories are as follows -
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* Gamekeeper's thumb
* Ganglion
* Raynauds disease
* Tendinitis
* Tenosynovitis
* Thoracic outlet syndrome
There are preventative measures that can be taken against getting repetitive strain injuries, warning signs denoting early repetitive strain injury and treatments available.

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Darden Burns

Thank you for your kind response to my blog. I appreciate getting positive feedback. We can benefit from our shared experiences and supporting each other.

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Rich Hudon

Thank you for all of the knowledge that you have packed into this page. For the past 9 months I have been able to exercise in a very special way. It s called interval training. This kind of exercise requires that you pace your exercise in two intervals, a slow pace followed by a very rapid pace. My favorite is the stationary bicycle. Yes, you are pedaling to nowhere from nowhere, but when done properly, a number of physiological benefits show up within minutes of ending the exercise regimen.

First, I warm up for 2 minutes, with a bit of resistance on the wheel, at a slightly urgent pace. I follow this with a 30 second interval burst or sprint as if I was being chased by a wild, hungry tiger. Originally I would then slow back down for another 2 minutes followed by another 30 second interval at maximum output and repeat the cycle up to at least 8 times or repetitions. After finishing the last repetition, be sure to slow down, cool down and unwind for at least 2 minutes to let your body readjust to a normal pace and take at least a 3 minute walk before doing anything else. Repeating this exercise 3 to 4 times a week will reap the most benefits.

At first, I could barely do 3 interval cycles or repetitions of 2 minutes followed by 30 seconds, but I eventually worked my way up to 8 repetitions. There are a number of "tricks" that help one achieve maximum benefit from this exercise. The key one is extreme deep, slow breathing. Inhaling as much as you lungs can take and exhaling until your lungs are as empty as they can get during the warm up sets the stage for extreme interval training at its best. Continuing to deep breath during the sprint is very difficult, but very rewarding both physiologically and psychologically. Another is to combine this with getting your mind into alpha state before each sprint. I now have reduced the low speed interval to 75 seconds and get even better results. But I have had to work up to this level of intensity.

When you have done this exercise successfully for at least 6 weeks at 8 repetitions, you will notice an incredible amount of energy welling up in your body after a very short feeling of exhaustion immediately after stopping.

One of the most important benefits of this regimen is the release of human growth hormone into your blood that will help you heal and rejuvenate your whole body. Strenuous exercise at any age is scientifically proven to do that, so, it is essentially the fountain of youth for all those who can put this interval training into practice. It takes tremendous will power to get to the end result of 8 repetitions for more than 6 weeks, but for anyone who has suffered the chronic, extreme, debilitating pain of Fibromyalgia, it is well worth the effort the pain, the effort and the time.

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Thanks you so much for posting quality information in a measured, reasonable way. I really appreciate you putting so much information out there! I have a question for you--I am completely intrigued by the key to your recovery, the OSB. Did you have any symptoms of sleep apnea, or are they related? I know I rarely snore and never stop breathing at night... do you think I would benefit from pursuing the OSB option anyway?

Darden Burns

OSB is the only therapy I know that directly treats the cause of many chronic illnesses including CFS & FMS. I had no symptoms of sleep apnea and had no idea that I had problems breathing. Right now I am in a second phase of OSB treatments. The science has advanced a lot in the past year ... and it looks like I will get full recovery. Look for an upcoming post on this in the next couple of months. I highly recommend this therapy.


Thank you for responding. That is amazing that you will have a full recovery! For CFS/Fibro, that is unheard of. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and I wish you all the best.


Thank you. Great blog!

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